Tom's Binaural Beats

The binaural beats files created by Tom especially for his workshop presentations at The Monroe Institute in August and November of 2015 are now available for just $20. Once you have placed your order, you will automatically be directed back to a page on our website that contains a download link to the binaural beats folder. Tom talked about these beats at his February 2016 Atlanta workshop and the video of that is now posted on his YouTube channel.

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PLEASE NOTE: YOU WILL REQUIRE A GOOD QUALITY SET OF STEREO HEADPHONES FOR THESE BINAURAL BEATS TO WORK EFFECTIVELY! Please also note that the total download size for the entire folder is almost 15GB, because we have provided the files in both mp3 and WAV format. The files in each folder for each month are identical except for the file format. They will sound exactly the same. We have provided the files in both formats because some people may have issues playing one format or the other. One word of warning, the WAV files are much larger than the mp3 files (almost five times larger) and will take much longer to download. We recommend that, if you have limited storage space, limited download speeds or limited data, that you download only the mp3 files. If you only have Windows Media Player and are having problems playing the mp3 files, we recommend you download the VLC media player from VideoLAN. Thank you!

Buy DVD's

This seven disc set offers one of the most complete presentations of Tom's theory that he has ever given. Hosted by Beth Haley and filmed at the University of Calgary, Canada in September 2011.

In this overview, Tom, physicist, Consciousness expert, and author of My Big TOE, reveals the importance of the Double Slit Experiment, and what it tells us about our reality. You will also be given the scientific version of the Akashic records, precognition, time travel, auras, and other such phenomena. Some have said that metaphysics and physics could never come together in one complete understanding, but it has, in Tom's trilogy, My Big TOE.

Contains 7 discs (NTSC only) $25.00

The second of two Lectures given in London on Feb 21 & 22, 2008. Included are

the question and answer sessions that took place at the end of both lectures.

Length: 2 hours and 43 minutes. Contains 2 discs (NTSC only) $14.00

Tom Campbell delivered the keynote address to the 22nd professional seminar at The Monroe Institute (TMI) in March 2010. This 2 hour address begins with Tom’s personal account of the creation of both TMI and hemi-sync. It then goes into a discussion of the nature of consciousness and reality that brings significant new understanding to the concept that reality is probabilistic rather than objective. Paranormal effects and other anomalous research results are explained along with synchronicity. The result is both better, more complete, physics and better, more complete, metaphysics. Length: two hours. Contains 1 disc (NTSC only) $12.00

Filmado en noviembre de 2013, Tom de ampliar su taller Conciencia presentó en Ciudad de

México fue presentado por el Dr. Diana Morales. En este trabajo, Tom presenta en su Teoría

las propiedades, los límites y las capacidades de la conciencia, que se derivan de los treinta

años de su exploración personal y científica. Con palabras y conceptos que todo el mundo
puede comprender fácilmente, Tom nos da una nueva comprensión de la conciencia que nos
se puede integrar en nuestras vidas personales y profesionales.

Contiene 6 discos (sólo NTSC) $22.00


Filmed in November 2013, Tom's Expand your Consciousness Workshop presented in

Mexico City was hosted by Dr Diana Morales. In this work, Tom presents his Theory on

the properties, boundaries, and abilities of Consciousness, which derive from thirty

years of his personal and scientific exploration. With words and concepts that everyone

can easily comprehend, Tom gives us a new understanding of Consciousness that we

can integrate into our personal and professional lives.

Contains 6 discs (NTSC only) $22.00