​We have recently created a new foreign language videos page. Our goal is to bring Tom and his MBT theory to the attention of a wider global audience. We would appreciate your help in sharing these videos either by playlisting them on your YouTube channels or sharing them on social media. Thanks!

Tom's newest Facebook page is The Center for the Unification of Science and Consciousness, a 501 3 (c)
and the website is

To add to our resources, Titti Nordieng from Sweden has designed some helpful quick guide illustrations you can download from her site http://tittinordieng.com/#mbtguides

These quick guides are available both in Swedish and English!

The slides that Tom used during his physics experiments presentation at the MBT LA event

in October 2016 can be viewed and downloaded here.

The slides that accompanied Tom's May 2015 Marseilles workshop can be viewed and downloaded here.

Tom has an online digital media kit. Useful for distribution to organizations or anyone interested in learning more about Tom and his work.

Tom’s YouTube channel contains hundreds of videos of all his workshops and interviews where available. This is a great source for information on a wide range of topics about MBT.

Tom’s Facebook page and our MBT Events Facebook page always have the latest posts and comments about MBT.

MBT Global Family is an open Facebook group page where all things relevant to MBT

can be discussed with others around the world.

The Forum page on Tom’s website contains a wealth of information and communication contributed by readers from around the world. There is also a Swat thread for healing intentions.

Tom’s MBT Definitions was created to clarify his meanings of the concepts he uses in his books and presentations along with his Gems From the Forum, a collection of writings Tom had posted on his website in the past that are of value in that they explain the most frequently asked questions regarding his My Big TOE.

Gems From the Forum 1.0

Gems From the Forum 2.0

Gems From the Forum 3.0

Gems From the Forum 4.4

Gems From the Forum 5.0

Gems From the Forum 6.0

Gems From the Forum 7.0

We are always looking to update
Tom's Radio Shows and Interviews Archives. If you know of any available show we may have missed, please let us know!

Tom's MBT trilogy can be ordered through his My Big TOE website or Amazon.

It can also be read for free on Google Books.

MBT can also be purchased on Audible...

Book One: Awakening
Book Two: Discovery
Book Three: Inner Workings

And for Kindle...

Book One: Awakening
Book Two: Discovery
Book Three: Inner Workings

For those of you who already have Tom’s Audible Books, there is a collection of Audible Diagrams that accompany the My Big TOE audio books.