Three 4-night MBT Immersives are taking place in a beautiful cabin up in the Great Smoky Mountains of Tennessee this year. Unfortunately, the two remaining immersives in 2018 are now SOLD OUT!


The good news is that we will be doing more immersives with Tom in 2019. Please visit mbtimmersive.com for more details!




We are excited to be bringing Tom back to Europe for two MBT immersives at the beautiful 14th century Lumley Castle hotel which is located just outside of the city of Durham in the north east of the UK. We will be taking over the whole hotel for these two 4-night events which will take place on January 13-17 and January 20-24 2019. Full details can be found here.



​We will be back at the cabin in Tennessee for three immersives in April, May and November of 2019. There are now just a few places left at each of these events. For more information, please visit mbtimmersive.com


Great news!

We are able to offer you the chance to stay on at the cabin for an extra night at the end of each MBT Immersive in 2019 without any further cost to you.

After the first immersive at the cabin in May, we were discussing the feedback we had received with Tom and we agreed that this would be an important addition to the overall MBT Immersive experience. Tom will be there for breakfast and during parts of the day and possibly a dinner out with everyone!

You can partake in the facilities (pool, hot tubs, massive decks with beautiful views) of the cabin or explore the hiking trails in the area at your leisure; as well as chat with the rest of the group about everything you have just experienced.

This extra day will be very informal. It is not a continuation of the program but more of a chance to bond as a group and let the events of the previous four days settle in and take hold at the being level!  Secondarily, it is also there for you to rest up, get your feet back solidly on the ground, and relax a bit after a very demanding Immersive experience. 


​Please Note: The MBT Immersive Experiences are in no way sponsored by, endorsed by, or in any other way associated with TMI (The Monroe Institute)

Welcome to our future events page. These events are listed in chronological order.

Future Events

For those of you who have been asking how you can contribute in some way even if you are not able to attend one of Tom's workshops in person, we have placed a PayPal donation button below. This will enable you to make a donation/pledge directly to Tom's newly formed Center for the Unification of Science and Consciousness (CUSAC). No amount is too small and every single penny or cent makes a difference. Thank you in advance!